Oh, The Places We’ll Go

Hold my hand darling, the world awaits!

My bucket list consists of many big and small adventures along the way. The beaches, sand and sunsets with my hunny are my favorite things to do together. A beach girl at heart.” It is easy to get so caught up in making a living, that you never make a life”. I have to remind my husband of that a lot. We love to chase sunsets together, to say we saw it all, done it all together. Whether it be a roadtrip, a Caribbean cruise or fly somewhere for vacation .

I am going to visit all 50 states and many other countries too. I want to see Italy, Europe, Spain and many more. There are only a few states left that I haven’t already been to as of yet. The Bahamas was my first time being out of the United States. It was a little scary to say the least. I also flew on an airplane for the first time too. I was scared to death when we was flying, but coming back home I was at so much more at ease, might be because my handsome hubby was staring into my eyes most of the time. LOL. It is exciting seeing the world with the one that you love. It was an awesome trip to the Bahamas…


Magical Walt Disney World Fun Facts

Disney World is the world-famous Resort that consists of four Theme parks ( Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park), two Water Parks (Disney Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Disney Blizzard Beach Water Park), over 25 Resort Hotel properties, and a variety of additional entertainment offerings.

In the picture is Magic Kingdom Park! Me and the hubs went on our vacation on April 16, 2017. We purchased the hopper tickets for all the parks. There is something for everyone to enjoy. We had a wonderful day of fun. The fireworks are at 9 pm every night and the fireworks are so magical. Very spectacular- it is amazing and such a fabulous way to end the day.

I recommend to download the Disney app which helps you with orientation in the park for how long the wait lines are for each ride too.

Some info

– We paid for 1 day in each park $100 each

– there are lots if shuttle buses to get you from your car to the gate

– there were no long lines for purchasing tickets that morning at 9 am, only at security check lines

– I recommend buying the fast passes to not wait in long lines, you can bypass the lines for $60 each

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The food was good, the facilities were clean too. Staff was very nice and helpful with navigating with ease.

We had so much fun at Disney World and can’t wait to go back soon!

Motorcycle Travels


Me and my husband are new owners of a motorcycle. A 1600 Yamaha Midnight. It may be a mid-life crisis LOL.

The verdict is still out on that! We are empty nesters now and need to fill the wind in our hair these days. We love to go on a spontaneous roadtrip.

I am enjoying being able to get away on it, just me and hubs together. No tags alongs. The tunes are blasting and riding the open road is so relaxing and refreshing. There is nothing like it. We try riding as much as we can, work permitting that is. Stay tuned for more motorcycle travels as summer gets here.

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Is it Bullying?

When someone says or does something unintentionally hurtful and they do it once that’s RUDE!

When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they do it once, that’s MEAN!

When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they keep doing it- even when you tell them to stop or you show them that you are upset- that’s BULLYING!

Have you ever been bullied?

High Blood Pressure (hypertension)

I had high blood pressure in January 2019 while I was at my appointment to donate blood at my local blood bank. It showed 140/ 105. Say what? So, I left the facility and went to my general practitioner to get it checked out. Yep, the nurse checked it and it was high again. So, I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure. I was put on medicine to take everyday. Heart disease does run in my family. My dad passed away at the young age of 68 with it on October 29, 2018. He had a stent put in his heart and had 2 triple bi-pass surgeries. I decided that this was no disease to play around with. I would get educated and start on a healthy living journey to take care of myself and my body. I have started exercising everyday and trying to eat right too.

My health is now priority. I check my blood pressure daily and take my pill at the same time everyday. Thankful, that I was able to get diagnosed and treat it before something happened to me. Please see the chart below to see where your blood pressure is at…

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Caribbean Bahamas Cruise

I had always wanted to go on a cruise on my bucket list. On April 16, 2017, me and my husband went on the Carnival Liberty Cruise Ship for the first time on our vacation . I learned what to do and what NOT to do, let me just say that first off!

We learned not to bring soda bottles aboard. We had to throw those away before we could come aboard this massive ship. The bottles were against the rules. So, we tossed our 2 packs of 6packs of sodas in the trash bin. We did learn that cans were only allowed on the ship. Me and my husband was not happy at all about it, to say the least, but that was the first lesson that we learned to sail on a cruise ship!

The room we purchased was one with a balcony that we was recommended by a friend. It was so worth it to upgrade to a balcony for an extra $300. I highly recommend it too. You have the balcony for privacy to sit to view the beautiful blue ocean in peace and quiet and to take it all in. It was so relaxing and just being there with my husband for some needed relaxation is just what we needed to escape life for a couple of days together. There no wifi out in the middle of the ocean between the United States waters and the Bahamas.

Some info

  • wifi was $5 for the package
  • soda packages called bottomless bubbles can be purchased at the Lobby, Casino, and Pool Bars for $8.50 per day and kids are $5.95 a day
  • Spas & Hair Salons are additional packages that can be purchased
  • Fitness classes are additional packages
  • Gift shops are onboard to shop til you drop

We ported at Bahamas the next morning. We had a fun day off the ship with a carriage ride around downtown of Nassau was perfect for sight seeing with my hubs. We bought my 25th year anniversary ring at the International Diamond store there. It’s a souvenir that I will cherish forever. At the Hard Rock Cafe, we ate lunch. It was time to board the Liberty ship again, we spent all day in downtown area.

Dinner time on the ship has so many choices to choose from from a burger stand, to a buffet line for fine dining. We ended up doing all before we left the ship.

There is a big theatre screen on the upper deck, it was relaxing to watch a movie at night and to be able to stare up at the stars together too. So romantic LOL. We loved it.

We shopped on board in the gift shops, went to an 80’s concert. We are 80’s kids that we grew up that era, so we loved it. Overall the cruise is just what we needed and encourage anyone to go once and see if it’s for you. Some get sea sick, but thankfully we didn’t. The ship did sway some and we had to adjust to it.

It was an awesome cruise! I am now addicted to cruising. 🛳❤️

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