Oh, The Places We’ll Go

Hold my hand darling, the world awaits!

My bucket list consists of many big and small adventures along the way. The beaches, sand and sunsets with my hunny are my favorite things to do together. A beach girl at heart.” It is easy to get so caught up in making a living, that you never make a life”. I have to remind my husband of that a lot. We love to chase sunsets together, to say we saw it all, done it all together. Whether it be a roadtrip, a Caribbean cruise or fly somewhere for vacation .

I am going to visit all 50 states and many other countries too. I want to see Italy, Europe, Spain and many more. There are only a few states left that I haven’t already been to as of yet. The Bahamas was my first time being out of the United States. It was a little scary to say the least. I also flew on an airplane for the first time too. I was scared to death when we was flying, but coming back home I was at so much more at ease, might be because my handsome hubby was staring into my eyes most of the time. LOL. It is exciting seeing the world with the one that you love. It was an awesome trip to the Bahamas…


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