Summer Travel Safety Tips

Travel cautiously

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Summer is finally here! Yippee! Time to hit the open road and head to the beach or wherever you go on vacation. You just need to travel cautiously. You can never be too careful when traveling.

Here are some travel safety tips to help you and your family stay safe out there on your trip!

!. Don’t be flashy- Don’t flash your cash or jewelry. Ladies need to zip up their purse! Guys need to put their wallet in their front pocket, so that it can’t get swiped.

2. Don’t be a loner- Strength are in numbers. Don’t walk alone. Take a cab. Get a hotel room in a good neighborhood. Spend the money on a good hotel in a good location.

3. Don’t look lost- Be confident! Know where you are going. Have navigation ready on gps before you leave home. Don’t be looking around like you are lost.

4. Use Common Sense- use common sense when traveling. Go in the store if lost and get directions.

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