Tips to Know before you visit the Rattle Snake Saloon

This neat little restaurant is located in Tuscumbia, Alabama. The restaurant is inside a cave. A very unique place with a gift store to shop for souvenirs. It’s off the beaten path. A hidden gem.

Important facts to know before you venture to Rattle Snake Saloon:

1. Wear tennis shoes – there are very steep hills to climb and walk when getting to the restaurant. No heels needed! I don’t advice wearing them.

2. Identification– no matter how old you are, you will be asked to see your identification for a iced cold beer.

3. Alcohol – the night life scene starts at 5 pm when beer is served. The security guard will card you, so be nice to them. They are just doing their job. Seven Springs Lodge is located onsite. Know your limit! Don’t drink and drive. Tents are available, campsite also, and silo cabins too.

4. Winter – the saloon remains open during the winter months. The rock form faces north, it blocks the cold brutal winds. Heaters are placed and covers the exposed open area to block the harsh cold wind.

5. Grabbing Seats- The locals and tourists are usually in the crowd. I advice that you get there before 5 pm to before the night life begins. At 7 pm, it’s standing room only.


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