Top 10 Cruise Essentials

Yay! You just booked your dream cruise! Now, what to pack? I have compiled a list that consists of the “must haves” to have in your bag for on the cruise ship, to ensure it is enjoyable. If you are like me, you want to make sure that you don’t forget anything, so that you don’t have to buy it, because it’s usually costs higher than your local store. But, if you do forget any items, don’t worry you can always get them in the gift shop on the cruise ship. Hopefully, this list will help make your next cruise the best cruise ever!

  1. Bug spray will make the cruise more enjoyable to get rid of those pesky flying bugs and believe me when I say you’ll need it and be glad that you brought it with you.
  2. Antibacterial wipes to wipe down remotes, handles, door knobs, etc. To ensure to don’t get any germs or viruses, so you can enjoy your cruise.
  3. Motion Sickness Medicine to keep you from getting sick from the waves on the cruise ship… surprisingly, We didn’t get sick on our cruise.
  4. Goggles for those fun excursions or pool time..LOL
  5. Febreze spray for those musty smells in your cabin room, bathroom, etc.
  6. Excursion printout to have with you for the time of paid excursion, so you don’t miss the FUN FUN diving activity you have planned!
  7. Thermos Bottle to keep cold water so you stay dehydrated on the ship or once you get off the ship when touring.
  8. Wrinkle release spray for your casual or dressy outfits for dining with your love, friends or whoever it may be.
  9. Well packed carry on bag for the cruise outfits, cell phone charger, earbuds, snacks, water bottle, and to well…carrry on all this list of items to ensure you have a nice relaxing cruise.
  10. Zip lock bags for the sea shells, souvenirs, snacks, etc.

I wish that I had researched and knew about this list before I went on my first cruise. I always bring this list with me now every time. It makes things so much more enjoyable. So we can have a great time together relaxing in the fun and sun.


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