Travel Light Packing List

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Travel tips & essentials every traveler should pack

Travel Light & Efficiently
  • Plan ahead but stay flexible.
  • Beware and trust your gut to stay safe.
  • Travel light and efficiently
  • Set up travel notifications with your debit and credit cards.

One of the questions that I am asked most often on email or social media is for packing tips. The packing advice does change depending on the destination, here are a few items that we never leave our home without. The packing list of travel essentials includes items we recommend always having in your bag – especially your carry-on if you’re flying! (Some of the links below are affiliates)

Pack like a pro. Get organized and travel light.

Carry On bag: Empty water bottle to refill for the flight, stay hydrated on and off the plane and save money. Most water bottles will cost you around $6 a pop. Refill your water bottle whenever you see a water fountain available. Portable cell phone charger, headphones, light rain jacket, sunglasses, passport/id and wallet. I always have an extra bag tucked away for souvenirs (or sometimes use it for dirty laundry)for the flight back home. I also carry a small purse that I can use for tours or the day trips. A mini umbrella, a hat, snack pack, and Wet-ones wipes. I also have the electronics bag in my carry-on to use on the flight as well.

Electronics Bag:

Power adapter


Cellphone Handle

Camera/Go Pro

Selfie Stick

Portable Cellphone Charger

Waterproof case

Headphones x2

Toiletry Bag:

Shampoo/travel size/soap (everything under 3oz)

toothbrush and toothpaste travel size


make-up and make-up wipes







first aid- bandaid, antibiotic cream, vaseline


Clothes should be packed into packing cubes and a medium sized carry-on bag is for carrying your electronics, adapters, cell phone charger, and headphones.

2-3 bathing suits

light jacket

1-2 cover ups (ideally these can be cute for shopping or going out)

one pair of sandals

one pair of tennis shoes

2-3 staple shirts

1-2 shorts

1 workout suit/sports bra

shower shoes

1 skirt

1-2 dresses

1-2 tank tops

Less is always better, bring a couple sets of clothes. If you forget something, you can always buy what you need.

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Why Drinking Water Is Good For You While Traveling

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30 DAY Water Challenge

For the next 30 days DRINK WATER!

  • After waking up
  • 30 minutes before breakfast!
  • 1 hour after breakfast
  • 30 minutes before lunch
  • 1 hour after lunch
  • During tea break
  • 30 minutes before dinner
  • Just before going to bed

Drinking water to stay hydrated while traveling is so important. I always fill my empty water bottle or my Yetti at the water fountain before we get on the airplane. You’ll pay at least $3 or more for a water at the airport gift store, so i just keep a bottle with me. I want to save that money and use it on other things.

As you can see from the picture above that drinking water is good for your body while traveling. It has so many healthy effects to keep you hydrated verses drinking the sugary drinks that make you bloated. Believe me, I love my Mountain Dews, but I try to refrain from drinking them while traveling.

I hope you will try the Water challenge and let me know how you did while on it. I am currently working on it myself. If you have any other tips for drinking water while traveling that you would like to share, please let me know.


Tips To Know Before Visiting Disney World

Disney World is the happiest place on earth!

In the picture is the beautiful Magic Kingdom Park! Me and my husband went on our vacation on April 16, 2017. We purchased the hopper tickets for all the parks. We were scheduled to go on a cruise to the Bahamas, so we did a day in Disney. I wish we could have had more time to fully enjoy the park. . We had a wonderful day of fun. I suggest that you stay a week to fully enjoy all the parks to get your money’s worth. The fireworks were at  9 pm that night and the fireworks were so magical. Very spectacular- it is amazing and such a fabulous way to end the day.

Some info that you need to know before you venture to Disney:

– there are lots of shuttle buses to pick you up in the parking lot from your car to the front gate

– there were no long lines for purchasing tickets that morning at 9 am, only at security check lines

– I recommend buying the fast passes to not wait in long lines, you can bypass the lines for $60 each

– Download the Disney app for wait times and map for navigating around the park too.

Get your Disney package!

The food was good, the facilities were clean too. Staff was very nice and helpful with navigating with ease.

We had so much fun at Disney World and can’t wait to go back soon! I hope you enjoyed my information on the park.

Oh, The Places We’ll Go

Hold my hand darling, the world awaits!

At Bucket List Living is about our bucket list which consists of many big and small adventures along the way. To inspire and promote adventurous and authentic travel around the world with real life experiences with unique stories, videos, honest reviews, engaging photography, and practical travel tips.

Join us on our journey to living our bucket list adventures!

Your Friend, Julia Lansdell

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Fun Facts To Know Before You Go On Your Cruise


A cruise to the Caribbean had been on my bucket list for awhile. So, on April 16, 2017, me and my hubs went on the Carnival Liberty Cruise Ship for the first time on our much needed vacation.

The room we purchased was one with a balcony that we was recommended by a friend. It was so worth it to upgrade to a balcony for an extra $300. I highly recommend it too. You have the balcony for privacy to sit to view the beautiful blue ocean in peace and quiet and to take it all in. It was so relaxing and just being there with my husband for some needed relaxation is just what we needed to escape life for a couple of days together. There no wifi out in the middle of the ocean unless you purchase a international wifi package between the United States waters and the Bahamas. It was so nice to us to unplug from the cellphones.

Facts to know about the ship:

  • wifi was $5 for the package
  • soda packages called bottomless bubbles can be purchased at the Lobby, Casino, and Pool Bars for $8.50 per day and kids are $5.95 a day
  • No plastic bottles allowed, only cans are allowed onboard
  • Spas & Hair Salons are additional packages that can be purchased
  • Fitness classes are additional packages
  • Gift shops are onboard to shop til you drop

We ported at Bahamas the next morning. There are many beaches to visit, and things to do and visit too, but we stayed downtown for the day. We had a fun day off the ship with a carriage ride around downtown of Nassau was perfect for sight seeing with my hubs. We bought my 25th year anniversary ring at the International Diamond store there. It’s a souvenir that I will cherish forever. At the Hard Rock Cafe, we ate lunch. It was time to board the Liberty ship again, we spent all day in downtown area.

Dinner time on the ship has so many choices to choose from from a burger stand, to a buffet line for fine dining. We ended up trying all them before we left the ship.

There is a big theatre screen on the upper deck, it was relaxing to watch a movie at night. So romantic LOL. We loved it

We shopped on board in the gift shops, went to an 80’s concert. We are 80’s kids that we grew up that era, so we loved it. Overall the cruise is just what we needed and encourage anyone to cruise once and see if it’s for you. Some do get sea sick, so pack some dramamine, just in case you need it. The ship did sway some and we had to adjust to it. Thankfully, we didn’t get sea sick.

It was an awesome cruise! I am now addicted to cruising. 🛳❤️

Epic Arizona Mountains

Beautiful snowy Arizona mountains is so majestic! There is just something about the white snow ascending on the mountain tops. I was able to catch this epic picture while driving through on route highway 66 on February 16, 2019. On our roadtrip to California.

I am usually a beach girl, but these mountains really took my breath away. I am not one for the winter season, actually I hate winter. I don’t like being in the house all season long freezing. I am more of a Spring and Fall kinda gal.

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