High Blood Pressure (hypertension)

I had high blood pressure in January 2019 while I was at my appointment to donate blood at my local blood bank. It showed 140/ 105. Say what? So, I left the facility and went to my general practitioner to get it checked out. Yep, the nurse checked it and it was high again. So, I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure. I was put on medicine to take everyday. Heart disease does run in my family. My dad passed away at the young age of 68 with it on October 29, 2018. He had a stent put in his heart and had 2 triple bi-pass surgeries. I decided that this was no disease to play around with. I would get educated and start on a healthy living journey to take care of myself and my body. I have started exercising everyday and trying to eat right too.

My health is now priority. I check my blood pressure daily and take my pill at the same time everyday. Thankful, that I was able to get diagnosed and treat it before something happened to me. Please see the chart below to see where your blood pressure is at…

Replace a Meal a day with a Shake!

Replace one meal a day with the Arbonne shake. Delicious nutritious balanced chocolate or vanilla shake mix. Provides 20 essential vitamins and minerals per serving.

Self care is essential for healthy living

I am participating in an International project called, I love me! It is about loving yourself, all of your flaws. Self care is essential to good health. You are unique and only one of you. God didn’t create us be like everyone else, but to stand out and just be yourself. It has taken me years to have confidence in myself. My scars are a part of who I am, from almost dying from my childhood chicken pox at the age of 9. God had a plan for my life that day. Every wrinkle that I have earned too, This gray hair that I keep colored too, LOL. You just be YOU! Everyone is special in their own unique way.

From being bullied at school from my scars on my face from my child sickness, had to learn to live with being rejected and talked about because I looked different from everyone. I did have multiple surgeries during my teen age years to get my face and scars flattened. I learned through it all that God is the only one that I have to worry about. He made me to stand out in a world that says you must be perfect.

Elderberry For Good Health

Elderberry has 8 benefits for good health. Eliminates constipation and boosts gastrointestinal system. It reduces blood pressure and managing diabetes. We have been using the homemade elderberry and it does work to get rid of colds and flu. I have a friend that makes it homemade and I get it from her. Her 2 girls had the flu 3 years in a row. Well, this year they have not had any colds or flu since taking this every day since November, 3 times a day. It boots your immune system. The chart shows all of the benefits. I am a firm believer in elderberry. It helps with weight loss, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. Aids in eliminating excess of cholesterol from the body. Promotes bone strength and development of new bone tissue. Alleviates respiratory conditions such as cough and cold.